With over 14 years of experience in executive recruiting and human resources, Jane Gerard understands the employment market and staffing needs of the most competitive public relations agencies in New York City. Her mission is to provide a full-service staffing solution that not only introduces her clients to the most sought-after candidates in their industry, but saves them valuable time and resources in the process.

Through an in-depth screening process, Jane Gerard locates the most appropriate candidates for each position, from junior level executives to senior managing directors. Jane understands each position’s respective challenges and finds the most suitable candidates to fill these needs.

How does she do it? Jane Gerard Executive Search’s primary services include:

  • In-depth market research to locate where the top suitable talent is
  • Pre-screen, test, and interview to evaluate job seekers
  • Consistent networking and industry-wide communication to stay on top of current employment trends and changes
  • Present a select grouping of vetted job applicants suitable for the position
  • Facilitate and coordinate all meetings, phone calls, and follow-up communications between employer and applicant
  • Reference checks upon request

Please feel free to call Jane at any time to discuss your staffing needs. She might already know your perfect match!